We’re only writing this testimonial because we feel like we owe it to the team at FBI. We make their lives miserable. Always. We are the most difficult, most painful, most hard-to-please, hard-to-pin-down client they have – we say this with a high-degree of certainty.

The people we request are never traditional because our business and the way we work is never traditional. We want hybrids, people from different walks of life. Great minds – but great minds who haven’t been discovered. Motivated, proactive, passionate people – but not like your everyday, regular motivated, proactive, passionate people. They have to be just, kind of, different, y’ know? A little unpredictable. A bit off kilter. They need to surprise us. Unique – but add to our culture. Make us feel uncomfortable – but in a reassuring way.  Not like that. More like this.

That’s the sort of brief FBI gets from Mistress. And the amazing thing is – they find that person. They find five of that person. All the time. And then we win a new client and need to move the goal posts – reshuffle here, merge those roles there – send FBI a new brief. And again they deliver.

Throughout, the FBI team are incredibly supportive, super helpful, and unrelenting in ensuring they find the right people for us. Their finds have helped us win awards, generate new business, and have made Mistress a better destination for clients and new staff. So, thank you FBI. We owe you one.


Scott Harris
& Damien Eley
Founding Partners + Creative Directors
The Many (formerly Mistress) Los Angeles