We have been lucky enough to work with FBI throughout our entire career. So perhaps we might be best to speak to working with them from both sides of the fence – as employees and employers. FBI helped nurture us when we were young, guide us when we began to grow up and not only encouraged us to take on the world – but helped us do just that. They helped us move overseas and return home and have provided much insight as we began to lead agencies creatively and then eventually started our own. Today, our relationship with FBI is a critical one. We partner with them to find the very best talent that exists, no matter what country it may come from. But, where they really come into their own is through their understanding of the human side of the business, those intangible little things, the quirks of personality, of how creative cultures thrive. That’s where they really find their clear air.
* as Creative Partners at Special Group

Matty Burton & Dave Bowman
Creative Chiefs
Google Zoo Asia-Pacific